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To see what’s so great about Phoenix, AZ’s geothermal ground-source heat pumps, you have to look beneath the surface.

Hatch Air is investing in Arizona’s future by delivering geothermal heat-pump technology. Our relationships with manufacturers and the nation’s top geothermal consultants allow us to deliver the most advanced equipment paired with the industry’s top design and installation.

What Is A Geothermal Heat Pump?

solar geothermal | Hatch mechanical

Simply put, it’s a geothermal system that harnesses the power of solar energy. An amazing 48 percent of the sun’s energy is absorbed by the earth, leaving a fairly consistent underground temperature between 45° and 70° F.

How does it work?

A water solution flows through pipes buried in the ground (ground loop system), absorbing heat from the earth in the winter and moving it to the geothermal system inside the house. Once there, the heat is condensed and transferred to the air that’s circulated throughout the home, providing warmth when you need it.

In the summer, the process is reversed. Heat is absorbed from the air inside the home, similar to how a refrigerator extracts heat from food to make it cool, and transfers that heat into the ground through the same loop system.

So what’s the advantage?

Geothermal heat pumps will deliver more than 500 percent efficient comfort—savings for many years into the future. Installing a geothermal loop system is like getting a 70 percent discount on energy for the life of your home. Four different types of loop systems are available.

Why Hatch Air?

Hatch Air can help you choose the proper loop system based on a site survey and by conducting a detailed energy analysis of your home. Our pros will provide a solution in the fastest and most efficient manner possible. We want you to feel comfortable—both with our service and our pricing. Part of creating that comfort is getting to know us better:

1. We can install and repair systems up to two times faster than competitors, thanks to our fully stocked service vehicles and parts runners, as well as our organized paperless invoicing and ordering system.
2. We’re honest and trustworthy. Our workforce has been CrimShield-certified (background checked and drug tested).
3. We do top-quality work and offer longer warranties than most large corporations—for a better price.
4. We provide flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees or charges.
5. We get the job done right the first time—or we fix it for free.

For geothermal ground-source heat-pumps within the Phoenix, Arizona, area, you won’t find a better company to work with than Hatch Air. In fact, you’ll find our solutions groundbreaking.

Fast service is just a phone call away: 480-766-8990.